July 10

1 Month in Chiang Mai

Personal Experiences


Time goes fast when you're having fun!

It's hard to believe that I'm in Chiang Mai for over a month already.

As soon as I heard that domestic flights were going again as of the 1st of June, I booked plane tickets to Chiang Mai.

Given the Corona circumstances everything went quite smooth. A 1,5 hour drive to the airport in Udon Thani, flight to Bangkok and then a flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

Once arrived in Chiang Mai, I was stopped by officers. Only farang were stopped by the officers, Thai people weren't. I tried explaining the officer were I was coming from but I'm pretty sure she didn't understand properly. I believe she thought I stayed in Bangkok for the past weeks. 

To be honest, the english level of this officer really wasn't the level it should've been to talk with foreigners. I asked the officer if Poppy could come to were I was stopped so she could help translate.

After a few minutes of discussion and explanations, we were allowed to proceed.

For the first 2 nights in Chiang Mai, I had booked a hotel room so we could look for a condo to rent on a month-to-month basis.

View from hotel in old city

View from the hotel room in the Old City

Obviously, on my first night in Chiang Mai, I took the chance to go to one of the many restaurants in the city. I went to GoodSouls Kitchen, a well-known restaurant amongst expats with amazing food and plenty of vegan options.

mushroom burger at goodsouls kitchen

Mushroom burger at GoodSouls Kitchen that makes you never want to eat burgers with meat again

In the last month, I barely cooked any meals myself and ate in restaurants most of the time. And even though, I like (some) Thai dishes, I can really appreciate the hipster restaurants that are mostly visited by tourists/expats.

I don't want to make you jealous but I do. Here some food-pictures:

breakfast at the corner
breakfast near tha phae gate
breakfast at thai restaurant
Sandwich at happy frog
egg ciabata and tomatoe salad at the happy frog
healthy smoothie bowl for breakfast
khao soi and tomato soup at Loi Kroh Road
japanese food at yajoi
Quinoa burger at Taste From Heaven
Sandwich at happy frog

Of course I got some work done as well. I've been working at the coworking space Punspace near Tha Phae Gate.

And every once in a while, I go working somewhere else. I've been meeting with some other SEO's over the last week that are having great succes. So, one day, I decided to go to the Veranda High Resort, to cowork with these SEO bosses by the pool with an amazing view.

veranda high resort with seos

At Veranda High Resort with some fellow SEO'ers

working with a view at veranda high resort

Working with a view, huh? 😉

On Sunday, Poppy and I often visit the Sunday Night Market. At least if it's not raining. Because it's raining season right now and even though, it's nothing like Belgium, every now and then it might rain (hard) for about an hour.

sunday night market

Sunday Night Market

stall at sunday night market

And since bars have opened up again, and I kinda like to party every now and then, I obviously had my part of parties. Since a few days Zoe In Yellow is open again. I'm really happy for the nightlife opening up again and hope this may attract more foreigners and Thais to celebrate every day 😉

beers at havana bar

Beers at Havana Bar

bucket of mojito

The famous bucket (mojito)

opening night at Zoe in Yellow

Opening night at Zoe In Yellow... Before people started arriving obviously

Even though I have no clue how long I'm allowed to stay here and Thai authorities haven't told anyone what's going to happen after 31st of July (end of VISA amnesty), I really start feeling at home here. I might look into the option of an education visa of some sort so I can stay here for a year. As I'll have to go to another country when my VISA runs out, I'll probably won't be allowed to come back because of COVID-19.

Still, I feel so lucky to be able to live like this. Sure, I worked for it, and I still work for it. But I do realize that for a lot of people, working hard, doesn't give them to opportunity like the ones I have now.

Anyways, keep safe!


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