I’m Chesney, the owner of DigitalNomaddict. Currently, I’m 31 years old and originally from Belgium.

In november 2019 I had my first trip out of Europe. Not only was it my first trip out of Europe, it also was my first solo-trip. For about 10 days I’ve been in Thailand. I’ve always wanted to visit Thailand and more specifically Chiang Mai because of the community of digital nomads that are staying there.

I went to Chiang Mai for a conference – CMSEO by Matt Diggity – which is one of the biggest SEO conferences in the world with the top affiliate and client SEO’ers from all over the world.

During my time in Thailand, I met several digital nomads. I always have wanted to pursue a digital nomad lifestyle for myself. Not as a permanent thing, but for a few years to be able to combine work and travel.

Talking to other digital nomads made the decision to leave Belgium easier. It was so inspirational. While I originally was planning to leave Belgium by the end of 2020, I changed my plans and decided not to wait that long. Instead, the big jump was in March 2020.

And that,is how my life as a digital nomad started. Working on blogs like Love4Fitness.nl where I talk about fitness and nutrition but also on blogs like onlinehustleincome where I talk about my work.

Every now and then, I post updates on this blog to share some travel tips and tricks I’ve discovered and to keep my friends and family in Belgium somewhat up to date about my adventures.

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For more information about me, I'd like to refer you to my personal website chesney.be