April 5

Day 7 of quarantine

Personal Experiences


Here we are now in Seka, Bueng Kan. After 7 days of quarantine, both Poppy and I are being quite fed up with not being able to leave our room. Unfortunately, there's 7 more days that we have to live like this.

We're trying to make the best of this time. I can keep myself busy working and educating myself on things where I didn't had the time for before. I'd love to grow my financial education further and getting deeper into technical and fundamental analysis of stocks.

Poppy mostly watches movies and shows. She has been doing some serious binge-watching 😉 It's a good thing I got a second laptop from my sisters boyfriend since Poppy had dropped her phone resulting in a broken screen. At least now, I can work on one laptop and Poppy can use the other one to watch some movies/shows.

I still hope to be able to get to Chiang Mai anytime soon. I just love that city. It has an "old town" in the centre of the city which reminds me of Bruges in Belgium. There's little traffic, a lot of nice restaurants and bars, plenty of things to do like yoga-sessions, shopping, cultural things to see… And outside of the "Old Town", mostly around Thae Phae Gate and in the Nimman-area, you'll find plenty of hipster restaurants and bars, coworking spaces, malls, food markets,… reminding me of Ghent in Belgium. The city truely offers it all. I'll make a blog post about my time in Chiang Mai in November 2019 soon 😉

How the things are looking right now, I might not be able to get to Chiang Mai. Slowly, every province/city is going in lockdown. On top of that, Chiang Mai is well known for the "burning season". It's a few months every year where some people burn their farmer fields resulting in a lot of smoke. Combine that with forest fires and lack of rain to make the dust particles fall to the ground and you have a city that breaks records in terms of unhealthy air quality. Chiang Mai often is the worst city in the world (!) in terms of air quality during this burning season.


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