April 4

Leaving Ao Naang (and losing my credit card)

Personal Experiences


As our hotel in Ao Naang was closing their doors, we decided to go to the North-East of Thailand, to a town near Poppy’s family.

We booked a flight from Krabi to Bangkok and another one from Bangkok to Udon Thani. When I arrived in Bangkok a few days before, the airport was almost empty but not as empty as they were this time. Just a few shops were open and there were really little passengers.

At the airport of Bangkok I had withdrawn a substantial amount of cash money with my TranfserWise card so we could pay our hotel and taxi for when we arrived in Udon Thani.

So when we arrived, we went outside to find a taxi. While waiting outside, there were a few policemen keeping an eye on everything.

I’m not too fond of the police officers in Thailand as it’s widely known they’re corrupt. Suddenly, I realized that I had made a rookie mistake. I had way too much cash in my wallet. Instead of putting the money I had withdrawn at the airport in Bangkok somewhere in my bag, it was all in my wallet.

That’s something you obviously don’t want corrupt police officers to see. So I tried to take the most cash out of my wallet and put it in my bag. While doing that, my wallet dropped out of my hand on the floor. I just picked it up and realized only later that I must have lost my Transferwise card there.

My TransferWise card is my go to card when in Thailand since it offer the best currency exchange rate and charges less fees than regular credit cards.

On top of that, my regular credit card has reached it’s spending limit. I did not really spend that much money, it’s just because of all the hotel booking, flights,… that got cancelled and still have to be refunded.

We had to take a 2,5 hours taxi ride to our destination; Seka in Bueng Kan. It’s only after over an hour drive that I noticed I lost my TransferWise card and it’s only when we arrived at our hotel that I realized I must have lost the card at the airport when dropping my wallet.

Obviously I immediately froze the card and transferred my money to Poppy her account so she could withdraw my money.

Nonetheless, I’m really frustrated for losing the card. They can’t send a new card to Thailand because they only send it to Europe, America… but not Asia 🙁
And even if they would, or if I would have it send to Belgium and let my sister send it to Thailand, it would be quite risky given the fact that post doesn’t always arrive in Thailand, certainly with the current COVID-19 situation. And I also can’t say right now where I’ll be in 2 weeks so I can’t give an exact address.

Anyway, now Poppy and I are “stuck” in our hotel room. It’s nothing too fancy, but it has airconditioning – much needed since this part of the country often reaches 40°C during the day – , WiFi so I can get some work done and Poppy her sister can bring us food and beverages.

I can’t wait to be released from quarantine and discover this part of Thailand. I’ve already noticed that people here aren’t used to seeing “farang” people. At least, not young “farang”, there are a few old Western foreigners living here and enjoying their retirement.

delicious food while quarantaining
Delicious food from room service delivered to our door while quarantining


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