March 23

Visiting the Long Table rooftop bar in Bangkok

Personal Experiences


During this COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of rooftop bars in Bangkok were closed. We found one however, called Long Table, that was still open. Once again, we took a Grab car from our hotel to this rooftop bar.

Keep in mind that most rooftop bars in Bangkok have a dress code. Men are asked to wear long trousers, shirts with sleeves and closed shoes.

While Long Table technically isn’t a rooftop bar, and it isn’t exactly skyscraping, the view from the 25th floor soon makes you forget about that. For me, this is a perfect start for a few cocktails to start the evening.

Drinking gin tonic like a boss at long table
Drinking Hendirkc Gin Tonic like a boss at Long Table Rooftopbar Bangkok

Drinks are typically much more expensive at rooftop bars so we did not intend to stay for too long. I ordered a few of my favorite gin&tonics (Hendricks Gin).

Online reviews state the food there is excellent and innovative, however, even with the background music, it was a little too quiet for us to stay and eat at Long Table. I’ll probably visit this place again post-corona times.

View from Long Table Rooftop Bar Bangkok
Poppy and me with the view over Bangkok at Long Table Rooftop Bar

Other rooftop bars I’d like to visit post-corona times which were closed at that moment:

  • Vertigo
  • Sky Bar
  • Above Eleven


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