March 21

Malls and markets in Bangkok

Personal Experiences


Bangkok is famous for it’s huge malls and markets. Malls with over 1000 shops aren’t an exception. It’s easy to get lost between food shops, fashion stores…

The first mall we visited was BKK Mall. Prices are very cheap for luxury brands. At least when you don’t mind buying fake luxury brand items. Even I, as a foreign tourist could see how fake everything was. And it’s also easy to see which are official stores.

Thai people often make spelling mistakes in the English language. Not only because English isn’t their first language but also because they don’t use the latin alphabet. This results in clothes from brands like “Abidas”. I’m not sure if they misspelled intentionally to avoid fringing brand rights or if it’s just a spelling mistake. I assume the latter since they seem to write the brands right sometimes.

Again, these malls were quite empty because of the lack of tourists in Thailand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the most special malls we went to, was Asiatique The Riverfront. It’s an open market mall that has an unique atmosphere. It reminded me somehow of a holiday somewhere at the coast in Spain.


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